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  • Bread & Baking


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  • Seafood Skills


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  • Vegetarian Masterclass


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Learn sustainably

At the heart of Xcelerate is a commitment to our planet, from the ingredients you’re mixing to the techniques you’ll take home. Our produce is local and seasonal, not just because it’s fresher and tastier but because it reduces the need for long-distance transportation.

We’ll also arm you with a host of sustainability tips and tricks and train you on the latest, eco-friendly technology – whether you’re on a journey home or into the world of hospitality. 

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Hire a training space

We’ll provide the kit, you provide the skills. Xcelerate has been designed with hospitality training in mind, housing innovative technology and a mix of custom-built areas for hire, including state-of-the-art kitchens, bars and front of house set-ups.

So, whether you’re training aspiring chefs, master mixologists or the next generation of hospitality heroes, Xcelerate has the space you need to succeed.  

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Get your matchday fill

When we’re not running classes, our state-of-the-art venue is packed with an electric buzz as we pour pints and serve matchday fare to cricket fans.

If you’re making the visit to see a game at our renowned stadium, why not pop over to Xcelerate and see what we’re all about? 

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