Starting with the source

Every sustainability journey starts at the source, which is why you’ll never see air-freighted fruit and vegetables in the Xcelerate kitchen. Instead, we opt for locally sourced produce that's fresher, tastier and helps reduce our carbon footprint.

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Waste not, want not

Understanding that food waste is the third-largest cause of global warming, we're taking proactive steps to minimise waste across the board. Whether it's ingredients, drinks or equipment, our waste management practices are designed to make a difference.

Every cup counts

Every cup counts, and so does every decision we make in our supply chain. That's why we've transitioned to using recyclable and compostable materials at our venue, with a wider commitment to minimising our carbon footprint across our consumables.

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Cheers to low-carbon drinks

Grab a drink at Xcelerate and contribute to a greener future. We're partnered with low-carbon beverage companies who share our commitment to sustainability, and we exclusively serve Rainforest Alliance & Fairtrade certified tea, coffee, sugar and cocoa.