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While cheese making requires years of dedication and craft, there is a selection of fresh cheeses that can be made and served on the same day.

In this intensive, one-day course, famous foodie Steven Lamb will show you how to effortlessly turn milk into easy cheeses and master the skills of gentle pasteurisation, renneting, curd cutting, pressing, draining and shaping, and cooking and setting.

While cheese-making processes are gentle and hypnotic, with periods of calm and reflection, you’ll love the buzzing atmosphere of the course.

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Steven Lamb

Steven Lamb

Culinary Guru

Steven Lamb is an award-winning author, culinary consultant, teacher and presenter. After a background in media, Steven’s food career began nearly 20 years ago, and in that time, he’s built up an extensive knowledge of food and a winning reputation on the culinary scene. With a natural talent for live hosting and interviewing, you’ll often find him at the best food shows and festivals - leading cookery demonstrations or hosting celebrity chefs.

Products you'll typically make

These can include paneer, fresh curds, labneh and mozzarella.

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Course run-down

9.30 – 10.00: Welcome! Start the morning with a cup of tea or coffee

Morning session: We’ll kick off the course with an introduction to sourcing good milk and how rennet works, followed by whipping up a drained yoghurt cheese called labneh which we’ll allow to develop over the course of the day.

We’ll then begin heating our first pan of milk to a specific temperature to make fresh curds that we will press into paneer. 

After this, we’ll make another batch of pressed curds but will cook them in a salted whey brine before draining and shaping them into haloumi sticks and frying. 

1.30 – 2.15: Lunch 

Afternoon session: The afternoon cover the process of making mozzarella, heating, renneting, cooling and draining before re-cooking into stretchy curds to shape into mozzarella balls.

To finish off, we will dress the labneh we made in the morning with black pepper, flower petals and oil before presenting them in a little kilner jar. 

4.30: Head home with digital access to methods and recipes and continue your cheese mastering journey!

Skills covered

  • Pasteurisation
  • Renneting
  • Curd cutting
    Curd cutting
  • Pressing
  • Draining & shaping
    Draining & shaping
  • Cooking & setting
    Cooking & setting
  • Maturation

What you need to know

Getting here

Our state-of-the-art training facilities are situated behind the Wyatt Stand at the iconic Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. The venue is all on one level and easily accessible from every area of the stadium.

Xcelerate Regional Skills & Community Training Hub, 
Edgbaston Stadium,
Edgbaston Rd,
B5 7QU

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